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“Oh Crap” Poop Bags without handles
NOT PLASTIC – Non plastic Cornstarch Bags disintegrate in landfill within 3 months – not DECADES!!!

100% COMPOSTABLE– OUR "Oh Crap" biodegradable collection bag is specially formulated to have appropriate water resistance and disintegration. The "Oh Crap" collection bag can be used to collect the dog waste with certain water content without dissolution or breakage. It will disintegrate rapidly in landfill, and biodegrade completely – not into small pieces, completely gone. Fully biodegradable. It will not do any harm to human or environment.

100% Eco Friendly– Here's the science bit – the bags are made of an eco-friendly "green" ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC called Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) – these will break down in landfill within 6 months. (Don't mistake these for plastic or "biodegradable plastic bags" which could take months, years or decades to break down in landfill.)

"Oh Crap" Dog Poop Bags without handles - (3 rolls of 20 bags) quantity