Happy Clients

Obi trying to tackle the huge stick… Bernese Mountain Dog
Obi – 1 1/2 yr Bernese Mountain Dog – Cooling down at the creek
Look who I found sleeping with my son…at least he will be kept warm
Ellie – Staffi X – Sitting pretty as always…
Rosie – 2.5 yr old Jack Russell
Ned – 2yr old Whippet
Vance – 11yr old Whippet
Keiko – 3yr Finnish Lapphund – SELFIES cause he is sooooo fluffy…
Keiko – kisses and cuddles all around…
Fletcher – 10yr Whippet – kisses, kisses, and more kisses!
Pinto – 2 yr old Terrier X
Fletcher & Vance – out for our daily walk…
Missy 6yr Maltese Shihtzo X & Shi 6yr Chihuahau X Enjoying the fresh air…
Shi & Missy waiting to be thrown a ball…
cuddles after our awesome walk in the rain…

WOW stunning picture of my new baby…
Murphy – 2yr Chocolate Lab – David getting Murph ready for a walk
Ivan – Yellow Lab – waiting patiently to get his harness on to go for his walk with Murphy & Spud
Murphy, Ivan & Spud – it’s a family affair – Pet Sitting
Spud – spoodle – Jade’s fav little friend…He would look for her when we came to visit them!
Lara – 4yr Black Lab – Sitting pretty – Dog walking Monday & Tuesday
Lara – Dog walking – Even when it’s raining, she LOVES the water!! LOL
Bowie – 2.5 yr Greyhound getting kisses from me
Bowie getting comfy on my fav chair!
Bowie – 2.5 Greyhound – having a dip in the creek on our walk
Caesar – 11 mth Staffi – getting plenty of kisses
Caesar – 11mth Staffi – kisses and cuddles in bed
Caesar – 11mth Staffi – just chilling, chewing on a toy..
Piper (10 mth springer spaniel) & Barkley (black Lab) (Dog walking Mon)
Archie (Dog Walking Wed) giving me kisses…
Lara (Dog Walking Mon&Tues) with Archie (Dog Walking Wed)

Keiko – Finnish Laphund – gorgeous little man…
Felix… cuddles little man….
Felix – 1 yr Bull Mastif X