Things we do while we have your babies….

Lulu and Jade reading

Dakota and Caesar getting morning cuddles

Quinn loving Caesar


Dog Sitting – Turbo


Day care – Ruby

Socialisation – Buckley, Piper, Lulu and Ruby

Toys…..many, many toys

Water playtime

Lots and lots and lots of kisses & cuddles

Having fun socialising….

I only have a handful of dog walking gigs as I’m far to busy with studying, working at the hospital, kids, getting our new house up to scratch and just trying to live as well! The ones I do have are AMAZING! They are little social Butterflies and love interacting and playing around having fun with the other dogs! For me socialisation is so important and necessary for the growth, obedience and mannerism of every dog! It totally makes my day watching them play around and sniff each other’s butts! Lol πŸ˜‚

Today – Piper, Buckley, Ruby and Lulu

Yesterday – Ruby, Lara and Lulu

Yesterday – Ruby, Lulu, Busta, Archie and Busta

Monday – Piper, Buckley, Prince and Lulu

Happy Australia Day….!

It has been so much fun here at Jodi’s Happy Hounds! So many puppies socialising and having the BEST time… we had puppies coming for a holiday, for a day stay or just hanging out for a visit! I think I had more fun than the dogs did!! Lol πŸ˜‚

Ned – 3yr Old laid back whippet

<<<<<<<<<<<< ulu - silky Terrier <<<<<<<<<<<< oco - 7mth Old golden retriever Winston – I think some sort of oodle!! πŸ˜‚

Rosie – staffi X

Here are some pics of our time hanging out together….


Look at these amazing chocolates that one of dear customers gave me… these are chocolates with a difference! I don’t want to eat them as they are just so beautiful and stunning! Thank you so much Tracey And Turbo!

Taking time out….

Ned is exploring and I’m sitting on a bench, drinking coffee, smelling the freshness and listening to the many sounds this morning has to offer….


Learning NEVER stops for me….

When I do something I enjoy I put my mind to it and DO IT!! Starting this business, has taken me on a journey that has extended my knowledge and self confidence to a whole new level! This morning, I’ve taken an hour with a cup of beautiful coffee, to do an assignment for another course as I’m now onto “Basic Dog Care” that allows me to learn about the dogs anatomy! I LOVE being able to just stop, study then get my butt into gear to do my dog walking! I want only the BEST for my clients and want to offer them all I have to offer! Loving life! πŸ’•πŸ’•

Special treats for all the puppies I’m looking after……

Just spent over $100 worth of beef, lamb and pork bones, chicken carcasses, chicken wings, chicken giblets, chicken hearts for all the beautiful puppies I’m looking after this Christmas season!! I’m fully booked out with dog minding and pet sitting! I’m just so excited for all my little visitors to come over to have plenty of kisses and cuddles while the parents are on holidays….. 😊😍🐢🐾

Thank you Ziggy, Louie and Anda…..

Awwwww…… I’m just feeling so much love, appreciated and grateful for all the beautiful puppies and there owners I have met this year! Anda stopped by and gave me the most beautiful red wine, and chocolate biscuits for the kids! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the most amazing year letting me love your pups and being apart of your life!