I’m just saying….

I think I’m officially sick!! I’m not one to stop because I’m sick or broken bones or a sprained body part! I just get up the next day and keep going…. yes, I have aches and pains or hurt myself but I’ve just never stopped BUT this has brought me to my knees literally! It took me till 800pm last night to finally text people to say I can’t walk there dogs! I just can’t believe that I just can’t get up and keep going on….I’m frustrated, angry, heartbroken because I can’t get my usual cuddles from my puppies! I’m Wonder Woman! This sickness has actually defeated me and I am having to sit on the couch or in bed all day…. ughhhh! **insert feeling sorry for myself!** 😞😞😞😞

Ok…..so have some good news and bad news…

Let’s go with the good news…. finger still broken BUT don’t have to wear the splint as I need to do exercises to bring the mobility back into the 4 fingers!! Yippeeeeee….. the bad news… I have pneumonia! The doctor is concerned 😦! I’m on the strongest antibiotics but if doesn’t get worse I need to go to emergency dept to get it sorted!! Ughhhh!! Is that 3 things yet this year….?

Needing a great outcome today..

Had an X-ray last Thursday at work and my finger is still wonderfully broken but has healed a bit! I’m now sitting in Maroondah outpatients for hand therapy and to see where to now! Ughhh! This stupid finger! I seriously don’t have time for this! To top it off, I’ve got an awesome chest infection that is now moving to my throat so I have swollen glands to boot! I have had to ring in sick for work tomorrow because I know that I will be needing antibiotics due to it being 6 days with this chest cold!! I HATE being sick…. oh my goodness I need a haircut…..lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I’m home….

Good morning all my little babies… I’m finally home and can’t wait to see you all and get all my kisses and cuddles from each and everyone of you!! πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’–

I’m heading out…..

Well, my time has come to an end and flying out today! Hitting Calgary, LA then my main home of Melbourne! So many emotions are going thru my body, yet don’t really know exactly what they are…. see you at home all my babies! I can’t wait to have lots of kisses and cuddles! πŸ’–πŸΆπŸ’–πŸΆπŸ’–

Sitting in Starbucks….

This morning I’m enjoying the day with a large coffee, my iPad and my lessons for my studies! I’ve completed 2 assignments since being in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦! I love, love, love doing this! I find I accomplish so much more on my studies when I’m outside my house…. interesting….

My old stomping town….Saskatoon

The city of bridges… growing up, You don’t stop to appreciate the beauty of this city. As I’m getting older and being able to come back, I am grateful that I get to open my eyes and smell the wonder of the true beauty! I walked many miles on the trails or roller blading at all hours of the night with no sense of fear! Listening to the Canadian geese flying south for the winter! Living on Broadway and working at the local 7-11 confectionery for a living! No responsibilities or worries except to pay the rent and food! The joys of being young!

I have soooo forgotten….

It’s amazing that I have been living in Australia for 19 years now and it’s the little things that I have forgotten that isn’t ingrained in my brain of “why I hate winter”! I have just found one of those little things….. when it is so cold, your taking the dog for a walk and your lungs are so cold they burn and hurt when you are out speed walking because your breathing hard!!! Ughhhh!! Lmao 🀣

Omg……what the F&$k is this….

Ok, i HATE winter…. this is absolutely ridiculous that I have to witness snow… AGAIN! It has cemented in my mind that I can’t EVER live in this deep freeze! It has been snowing all day and still hasn’t stopped tonight! Thank goodness I’m so tired and sleeping all the time so I’m only getting glimpses of it!!! Lol 😒😒😒

This morning:

This evening: