David and I have started the “hello fresh” for 3 meals a week just to help out!! Anyways I totally forgot to check what they were sending this week and when it came, they sent a fish dish (we all hate fish!! 🤢🤢) soooooo my babies Ziggy & Louie are having deep sea cod for supper tonight….. my lucky boys!! 😍😍😍

I love play dates….

It’s nice when you can offer some play time with dogs for a day! It’s so lovely watching them run around my backyard, getting wet down at the creek, going for walks and snuggling together on the lounge! It’s so hard these days! We are all so busy, having to work full time or on certain days that are long so being able to let your babies have a play with others and going for a walk helps everyone for that day! I love my job!!

Best mates….

All my babies are back as there parents have been on holidays and these 3 were super, duper excited to see each other! We also had a newcomer, Charlie as well today….I have never seen Prince (golden retriever) run so much since I have started walking him! It just made my heart beam with joy, and love, love, love watching them! 💖

Only 1 more night with this little girl….

It has been so fun having Charlie hang out with us for the past couple of days! She absolutely adores the kids and cries for 15 mins running to each of them when they come home from school! In the morning she waits until I wake up each kid and then goes crazy, kisses and running all over them! It has been quite fun!!!

A new lady is on board….

Look at this little lady named Nikko…. Alaskan malamute! She is a gorgeous little thing and very well trained! She loved playing with Piper & Buckley!

Being sick S U C K S…..

Although……..I hardly ever get the chance to just sit down on the couch, read a trashy mag, with a cup of coffee and PUPPIES for the whole day Saturday, Saturday night and Sunday…….I even had a nap in there as well…..Ned, Pinto and Charlie! L O V E I T!!

Look at this guy…..

Ok, as you all know I LOVE dogs….. this one is an actual dog, teddy bear! I met the family when Moose was having brekky with his mum and dad a couple of months ago when he was a baby! Look at him now….. I thought the sticker totally suited him…..