I have soooo forgotten….

It’s amazing that I have been living in Australia for 19 years now and it’s the little things that I have forgotten that isn’t ingrained in my brain of “why I hate winter”! I have just found one of those little things….. when it is so cold, your taking the dog for a walk and your lungs are so cold they burn and hurt when you are out speed walking because your breathing hard!!! Ughhhh!! Lmao 🤣

Omg……what the F&$k is this….

Ok, i HATE winter…. this is absolutely ridiculous that I have to witness snow… AGAIN! It has cemented in my mind that I can’t EVER live in this deep freeze! It has been snowing all day and still hasn’t stopped tonight! Thank goodness I’m so tired and sleeping all the time so I’m only getting glimpses of it!!! Lol 😢😢😢

This morning:

This evening:


Awwwww the prairies…

Harvesting and flat lands is what you see in good old Saskatchewan at the moment!

I had to go meet people from the neighbourhood, so I could steal there dogs for a walk.. lol 😂 I. just. Can’t. Keep. Away……! Here I have Nikki and Pepper! These two live across the road from each other and love love love meeting up for a good play! It was so nice going out for a big walk after sleeping 16 hrs….. yes, 16 hours! I can’t wait to go back to bed!

Fir River Ranch, Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan

Well… I have taken a much needed rest but not the rest you would imagine! A friend of the family owns a working ranch that you help around her 80 acres and in return you get free room and lots and lots and lots of home cooked food! It has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot from a strong, amazing, business woman Audrey! It is an early winter ❄️ and getting colder everyday!! I am NOT prepared and only have flimsy clothing but I’m able to work ups sweat to keep me going! She has 7 beautiful horses that I check on everyday and give lots of kisses and cuddles to! She has 1 German girl, 2 girls from France and 1 girl from Japan! They stay for however long and just help out! Hunting season has opened for Elk and Geese! Time for everyone to fill up there freezers as it’s going to a very, very long season! Ughhhh! It has been amazing getting to know them and being one of the “girls”! We were even in the local radio!! Lol Enjoy the pics

Ummmm what is up Saskatoon….

I was thinking that it would be A LOT WARMER but NOOOOO….. I don’t being enough warm jumpers!! Bloody hell!! Where are my furry babies right now to cuddle up with to keep me warm…..

Hello Calgary…

Just landed in Calgary and will be boarding soon for my finally destination of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan! I’m exhausted… I think I need to find another giant Starbucks coffee again to keep me awake so I can get into the groove of Canadian Time zone…. I think my shift work at the hospital has trained me for this!! Lol 😂


Hey my lovely furry friends and parents…. I have just landed in LA and going thru to board my 2nd flight to Calgary…. I’m going to be caffeine out before I get there… lol l

My last night for 3 weeks…

Just wanted everyone to know that I’m off from 11/09 to 30/09! I may be delayed In responding to your messages but I will try my best! I’m going to Canada to be with my family! Are you all when I get back!

Christmas bookings

Hello to all my future friends and there parents! I’m officially all booked up for dog minding for the Xmas season! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone! I’m so sorry I’ve had to turn people away as it guts my heart! If I could, I would have a whole yard full of dogs but then my lips would be red raw from going around kissing each one!! Lol I still have some spots open for dog sitting if you are needing though! Sending the biggest cuddles to everyone! 💖💖💖