A little observation on my part….

So, I have learnt a couple of things in the past couple of days about the love I have for my dogs….. and I mean obsession… not my words mind you! Lol broken fingers HURT!! Now that might not be for everyone and I can understand that we are all different but they hurt! I also am a person that likes to kiss my dogs on numerous occasions and they lick me, sniff me and PAW my face….! 😳😳 I think I need to set some boundaries for myself for my own wellbeing! NAWWW…. I wouldn’t look this good…. lol!! Hope this doesn’t give me a black eye… 😂😂



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I’m the type of person that LOVES dogs. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and they have always been a big part of my life. I use to own 2 staffis’, and I was also a “foster mum” for 3 years with Greyhound Safety Net which I loved so much.

This is truly my passion and love every minute I’m around dogs.

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