Having fun socialising….

I only have a handful of dog walking gigs as I’m far to busy with studying, working at the hospital, kids, getting our new house up to scratch and just trying to live as well! The ones I do have are AMAZING! They are little social Butterflies and love interacting and playing around having fun with the other dogs! For me socialisation is so important and necessary for the growth, obedience and mannerism of every dog! It totally makes my day watching them play around and sniff each other’s butts! Lol 😂

Today – Piper, Buckley, Ruby and Lulu

Yesterday – Ruby, Lara and Lulu

Yesterday – Ruby, Lulu, Busta, Archie and Busta

Monday – Piper, Buckley, Prince and Lulu



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I’m the type of person that LOVES dogs. I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada and they have always been a big part of my life. I use to own 2 staffis’, and I was also a “foster mum” for 3 years with Greyhound Safety Net which I loved so much.

This is truly my passion and love every minute I’m around dogs.

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