Siberian Huskies – Kahuna 12 yrs old & Kaya 12 yrs old







Welcome to my website! I’m offering your dog/s the best possible care that you would hope for from anyone. My passion is “all” animals but have started this business for my LOVE of dogs. I know what it feels like to leave your dog in a kennel. It’s gut wrenching and heartbreaking. My red Staffi – Tigi – had huge separation anxiety. I wished with all my heart, I was able to find someone to love her as much as I did when we went away on holidays.

When a dog that comes to me, they always wear a  blue “Jodi’s Happy Hounds” ICE (In case of emergency) dog tag. I will always put one of these tags on the collar, whether I’m dog walking, pet sitting or minding your baby for some much needed peace of mind for you! I also provide for every stay booked through “Jodi’s Happy Hounds” coverage up to $10M public liability insurance. I have also gotten a police check which I can provide documentation when you come for a FREE “Meet and Greet”!

I promise to send you posts and updates everyday to put your mind at ease, show what your babies are up to and to give them the best holiday while your away on holidays! I get A LOT of feedback from my clients advising me that that was the most important and rewarding aspect of leaving there babies with me.

Please feel free to look around my website and drop me an email if you want any more information or would like to bring your pet to come for a FREE MEET & GREET!  I would love to hear from you!

— Jodi

The best dog sitter, ever!!!

After speaking with Jodi over the phone for the first time I instantly knew she was the right person to look after our Ned, and after the initial meeting I was assured we had definitely made the right decision. With regular updates and photos of our boy we could see he was being very well looked after and spoiled by Jodi and her family. Being used to having kids around, Ned would have loved having more kids to play with. It was awesome seeing the walks that Ned was doing each day- it made us tired just seeing how much he walked – he would have loved it every minute of it. We have found the best dog sitters for our boy and he can’t wait for his next stay (already booked!). By booking with Jodi you can be rest assured that your fur baby will be treated and loved just like one of the family. And you will never be left wondering what they are up to- Jodi will let you know!! The only problem might be that they won’t want to come home! Thanks Jodi and family for taking the best care of Ned. He can’t wait to come visit again.

Olivia McDougall

Bowie had a holiday himself with Jodi!

Thank you Jodi, and whole family, for loving and caring for Bowie as he if he was your own.
As you can see from Jodi’s photo’s, Bowie had a holiday too.
Walks, plays dates, treats and lots of love.
No other kennel could offer this, priceless.
Time seemed to fly by so quickly and it was soon time pick up the boy.
I haven’t experienced the excitement of collecting Bowie after an extended stay away from us and that was something I will always remember.
Jodi, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you put us at ease in leaving our boy with you.


Marco Trimarchi

Felix was so happy with Jodi!

Jodi looked after our puppy Felix for a week while we went on holidays, and he was so happy and full of energy when we picked him up. We couldn’t be happier with the service, and will definitely be getting Jodi to look after him when we next go on holidays!

Stewart Johnson

Ziggy & Louie’s fabulous day adventure!

My two older Staffy cross boys recently had a trial day with Jodi. Realistically for them it was a wonderful adventure day. When I read that Jodi had her own Staffies and rescue in the past, I was very hopeful that she should be the dog sitter I was searching for. After chatting with Jodi, I was pretty certain she would be the one. Receiving the photo updates, hearing that my boys had a 6km walk through the hills, and enjoyed lots of cuddles with Jodi and her family, I am now 100% certain she is the dog sitter I have been searching for, and from the boys point of view, when I arrived to pick them up they greeted me nonchalantly as they were happy to stay at Jodi’s. Seeing them happy, contented and spoilt made my day. Jodi really understands you and your fur kids! I look forward to booking the boys in the future when I take holidays where I can’t take them with me.

Anda Petrapsch

Genuine Dog Lover

Jodi is a genuine animal lover, an extremely enthusiastic dog lover! She has looked after our big boy, Scooby – he just adores her; you just have to see his excitement at seeing her and being around her. He can’t help himself, giving her kisses and leaning into her for cuddles, and doing zoomies because he is so excited! Jodi has doggy language ‘down-pat’, and clearly enjoys playing with him.
Adam and I are also thankful that he has been introduced to children, and it is nice that they can walk him together without him becomin
g stressed (he is a rescue greyhound so Jodi’s experience with fostering is greatly valued). We also enjoy seeing photos she sends us whilst being with Scooby and Scratchy.
Jodi has also been kind enough to attend to our older cat, Scratchy, also giving her affection and scratches, and feeding both animals as prescribed.
Jodi is a joy to have around animals; we are so thankful that she has such experience and, most importantly, genuinely enjoys being around them. I would highly recommend Jodi to anyone looking for such a service as she is THE BEST by far!


Simone Jacobs

Rocky’s Home Away from Home

Rocky is with me 24/7 he comes to work with me every day so when I was going away for a week I didn’t know what I should do. I had previously left him at the Kennels but always worried that he wasn’t getting the TLC that he needs and a good friend recommended Jodi and it was a match made in heaven. Jodi is such a dog lover, she didn’t blink an eye at Rocky who weighs in at 63kgs she just gave him so much love I thought he would never want to come home. So if you are looking for someone to look after your dog, dare I say better than you! then look no further Jodi is your dogs new best friend.

Craig Williamsz

Indi Had The Best Time With Jodi and Her Family

Jodi and her family are the best dog carers you will ever find. we left our spoilt boxer Indi with Jodi for 4 nights and she had the best time ever. She was loved and cared for so much and a part of the whole family for that time and did everything she would of done at home and much more. Jodi’s genuine love for dogs is amazing. I can highly recommend Jodi to anyone that loves their dog and doesn’t want to leave them in a kennel, the only worry I had was that Indi wouldn’t want to come home, lol. Jodi’s Happy Hounds is the best thing I’ve ever found and I would never leave Indi anywhere else..

Helen Lazzaro

Obi’s home away from home

We are so lucky that we have Jodi and David as our neighbours that when we heard they were doing dog minding we jumped as the chance. Our bernese mountain dog is a giant sook and we were really unsure about using a kennels etc so we were over the moon to find our just next door there was a much better options…our only concern was that obi wouldn’t want to come home haha. He was treated like one of their family members -even slept inside with them all! He had the best time – going to walks, playing with the kids and their friends and even jumping on the bed with the ‘big kids’! The best thing for us was receiving up to date messages and pictures – it really reassured us that he was not only okay but having the best time! I could not recommend Jodi higher – she does the most amazing job and we will definitely be using her again…. she’s simply the best!!!

Emma willcocks

Jodi – the Dog Lover!

Our two whippets spent the Easter weekend with Jodi and her family…and I’m not sure they were ready to come home when we came to pick them up. We copped a shifty side eye from Fletch for a good few days afterwards, as if to say ‘I liked it better at my other house!’.
We found the updates and photos particularly great. We had peace of mind while we were away that the boys were comfortable and being spoilt, which meant we could also enjoy our time away. This was also useful to show our young daughter, that her dogs were okay and being looked after. Trust me, if you can’t be with your dogs, you want them to be with Jodi.
Jodi and her crew showed our two boys the kindest love and care – we couldn’t imagine leaving them with anyone else. Ever again!

Rebbecca Witney

Happy Holiday

I have just returned from a few days away with my family and Jodi made it a very happy holiday for me as well as my dogs! My two are very much house dogs and kennels are not a good option, Jodi’s service was perfect. The dogs were spoilt from the moment they arrived and I had peace of mind knowing they were happy and enjoying their time with her. I knew all this because Jodi sent me heaps of photos, information and even videos of their stay with her. Thank you Jodi for your fabulous love and attention to my two little pups. They will be coming back for another holiday, for sure!

Faye Glew

Rex and Tank weekend holiday




My 2 boys recently had a stay with Jodi for a few nights. I am a nervous mum with my boys and never really went away if i couldn’t take my boys. Was nervous when i left them but Jodi put my mind at ease and i could relax knowing my boys were having a fun vacation as well. Loved the updates and photos and when i picked them up they were so tired they haven’t stopped sleeping. I am now looking forward to my long holiday in a few months and will be happy to take more holidays not worrying about my boys when they are on vacation with Jodi and her family.
I looked at a lot of places for my boys to stay a lot of them didn’t take staffi’s and the ones that did i wasn’t comfortable with but felt so comfortable with Jodi and know my boys were treated like her own and as part of the family.